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Wintec 17.5” Isabell Werth Dressage (S2133)


• Suede-effect material
• Standard wither
• Black
• Changeable Gullet: N to XW (currently M (Black))
• Adjustable ergonomic stirrup bars
• Wool flocked panels
• Very good condition
• Some minor marks in the suede-effect material in places, but nothing really noticeable
• Includes large detachable knee blocks

Wintec’s description of this model –

• This saddle features a uniquely deep and close-contact seat
• Features a slightly shorter, broader and flatter panel
• Luxurious and grippy equi-suede material
• Adjustable ergonomic stirrup bars
• Recessed Stirrup channel
• Moulded knee inserts
• Easy change fit solution
• A leather wear patch for durability
• An over-girth to hold the flap in place for an ultra-close feeling
• Option to add large flexiblocs to customise your support
• Y girthing system for optimal saddle stability

Colour: Black
Condition: Very good
Size: 17.5 inch
Material: Suede-effect material

Adjustable Saddle Specialists

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