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Wintec 16” Lite All Purpose GP (S2476)


• Lightweight fabric saddle with suede-effect knee pads
• Standard wither
• Black
• Changeable Gullet: N to XW (currently M (Black))
• Cair (Air filled panels)
• Good condition
• Some minor mark in places, which are not very visible, as per the pictures
• Some very light wear underneath the knee pads, which is caused by the girth buckles not being protected correctly, which is not visible and does not affect the use of the saddle
• Includes detachable knee blocks
• Includes a Wintec saddle cover (which does have a few small marks)

Wintec’s description of this model –

• Enjoy all the benefits of a lightweight, splash proof, durable and easy care Wintec saddle. Whether you are simply enjoying your time together or competing at any level there is a saddle in the range to suit you.
• Ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines, an extremely comfortable and lightweight all purpose saddle, featuring a uniquely removable and customisable cantle. Hi-tech materials and performance features ensure superior horse and rider comfort.
• Featuring Equi-fabric – A heavy duty woven fabric with a surface texture and grip level between Equi-leather and Equi-Suede. Equi-Fabric is the lightest material available on Wintec saddles offering enough grip for stability while allowing you to move without restriction when needed. This durable, easy care and hard-wearing material gives you a comfortable seat.
• Option to add detachable knee blocks to provide customised leg support.
• Option to change the pattern on the back of the cantle.

Colour: Black
Condition: Good
Size: 16 inch
Material: Lightweight fabric saddle with suede-effect knee pads

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