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Wintec 18” Lite All Purpose GP (S2178)


• Lightweight fabric saddle with suede-effect knee pads
• Standard wither
• Black
• Changeable Gullet: N to XW (currently MW (Blue))
• Cair (Air filled panels)
• Good used condition
• Some very light rub marks to the flaps of the saddle from the stirrup leathers
• Some wear to underneath the flaps to the knee pad area which is not visible and does not affect the use of the saddle
• One very small nick to the top of the cantle on one side which is barely noticeable
• Includes pommel handle attached to the D-rings
• Includes detachable knee blocks
• Includes Wintec Lite saddle cover

Wintec’s description of this model –

• Enjoy all the benefits of a lightweight, splash proof, durable and easy care Wintec saddle. Whether you are simply enjoying your time together or competing at any level there is a saddle in the range to suit you.
• Ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines, an extremely comfortable and lightweight all purpose saddle, featuring a uniquely removable and customisable cantle. Hi-tech materials and performance features ensure superior horse and rider comfort.
• Featuring Equi-fabric – A heavy duty woven fabric with a surface texture and grip level between Equi-leather and Equi-Suede. Equi-Fabric is the lightest material available on Wintec saddles offering enough grip for stability while allowing you to move without restriction when needed. This durable, easy care and hard-wearing material gives you a comfortable seat.
• Option to add detachable knee blocks to provide customised leg support.
• Option to change the pattern on the back of the cantle.

Colour: Black
Condition: Good used
Size: 18 inch
Material: Lightweight fabric saddle with suede-effect knee pads

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