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Bates VSD All Purpose 17” (S2122)


• Full leather saddle
• Standard wither
• Brown
• Changeable Gullet: N to XW (currently M (Black))
• Cair (Air filled panels)
• Used condition
• Some wear to the flaps of the saddle from the stirrup leathers
• Includes detachable leather knee blocks

Bates’ description of this model –

• The Bates All Purpose VSD has all the properties that also distinguish the Bates All Purpose.
• The saddle blade is cut straight and the camber spring is positioned further back, which enables a dressage-like fit with a longer, straight leg. The extremely comfortable seat conveys the feeling of security and good balance, whether for a ride or light dressage
• Ergonomic Stirrup Bar
• Moulded knee inserts
• Drop panel points
• Option to add flexiblocs to customise your support

Colour: Brown
Condition: Used
Size: 17 inch
Material: Full Leather

Adjustable Saddle Specialists

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