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Thorowgood T8 15.5” Pony Jump (S2642)


• Latest Model
• Hybrid - Part leather-look saddle with quality leather seat and knee pads
• Standard wither
• Black
• Changeable Gullet: N/M to XXW (Short S Type Bar) (currently W (Red))
• Good condition
• Very light marking to the flaps of the saddle from the stirrup leathers, with some very light surface scratches in places
• Some very slight wear to the edge of the front of the pommel and one small rub mark to the side of the seat on one side
• The red enamel badges is missing from the top of the pins, which is purely cosmetic.
• Please note this saddle only includes detachable calf blocks and does not include detachable knee blocks

Thorowgood’s Description of this model –

• Introduced in 2017 the T8 Pony Jump offers great comfort thanks to the forward-cut flaps which are specifically designed to support the rider’s leg in the shorter jumping position.
• The T8 Pony Jump has a versatile fit which makes it a good choice for young riders progressing onto bigger ponies. This is thanks to Thorowgood’s changeable gullet bar and adjustable girthing options which enable the fit to be customised for a wide variety of shapes.
• Option to add detachable adjustable knee and calf blocks to provide customised leg support.
• Quality leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle.
• Flocked with 100% British wool.

Colour: Black
Condition: Good
Size: 15.5 inch
Material: Hybrid - Part leather-look saddle with quality leather seat and knee pads

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